Mindset Training

They say mental training is important, coaches talk about it, the internet tells you this, books tell you this, however the majority of athletes do not regularly engage in specifically training their minds. It is not that they do not want to, it is just that athletes may not fully understand how it all works, where to start, or how to do it effectively. We often refer to this as the mental training paradox. There is a gap in between emphasis and implementation, as well as some confusion that surrounds how to use sports psychology or mental training effectively. So, we created this community to help bridge that gap in knowledge. We want to make this very user friendly, structured, affordable, interactive, and we’re very excited to show you.

So, as an athlete you can put hours in at practice, in the gym, eat and sleep well. However, we still may be lacking something in preparation or suffer from inconsistent player results. This is where we que the mindset. So, building a mental state that is reliable, effective, and frees you up to be the athlete you are meant to be is what we are all about helping you with. This community is designed to give you the tools and support to help build and strengthen your mental game. As for the community itself, why sign up? On the most basic level, it is considerably cheaper than in person sessions and it is available anywhere. Sometimes you may have to drive hours to see a consultant, you will not have to do that for this community. You will get cutting edge research based content every week.

An advantage of the Sports Community is that you can get advice sooner and when you need it. For example, night before a championship game or maybe you are struggling with a tough loss. The question is it's often not an athlete will need access to something like this, it is when. The Sports Community is scalable and can be utilized by large groups of athletes, teams, and their parents or support systems anywhere or anytime across the country, and it is completely online. In this day and age it is really helpful. There is ease of access whenever and wherever. Today’s landscape has athletes on the go all of the time, so this type of format just works.


Players without mental training:

  • Successful 1st touch: 65%-70%

  • Pass Completion: 65%

  • Successful Tackles: 55%​

Players with mental training:

  • Successful 1st touch: 80%-85%

  • Pass Completion: 80%

  • Successful Tackles: 75%

What athletes get with Mindset Training?

  • Clear instruction and background in mental skill basics

  • Daily and weekly “workouts”

  • Access to and guidance from a professional

  • Discussion boards & Webinars

  • Topic-based library to meet needs of athletes anytime anywhere

  • Audio, video, and written format instructions and exercises

  • Can train anywhere, anytime

"The Game is 90% mental, the other half is physical." -Yogi Berra


Since starting my practice about a decade ago, I have seen an overwhelming number of athletes of all backgrounds and levels achieve success. Experience includes work with top high school and club teams in addition to NCAA, Olympic, and professional-level athletes. I am a lifelong athlete myself and currently partner with a number of Houston-area teams and organizations helping their athletes with the mental side of their sport(s).

In my practice, I use a host of research-based and effective techniques to move those I work with toward their goals; whatever it involves improved performance or working through emotional, relational, or other psychological difficulties. I emphasize forming a unique partnership with each individual or organization I work with, as I find that together we can accomplish so much more.

"After working with Adrienne, my daughter is a completely different kid"

- Rick J.

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